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Meet the Creator
Meet the Creator
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Meet the Creator

Daniel Robert Cohn

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As a filmmaker, musician, artist, animator, actor, and photographer, Daniel Robert Cohn thrives when expressing through creativity. So when the pandemic hit and the entire world was quarantined, let's just say Cohn felt "right at home." With production shut down globally, no actors, no crew, no locations, and a world that seemed to have gone completely NUTS, the temporarily out-of-work filmmaker looked to his immediate environment for inspiration... what he found was the ultimate authority on nuts... Squirrels!


This energetic, comical cast of characters found in his own backyard were not only accessible, enthusiastic and photogenic, but they literally worked for peanuts! Cohn's creative mind went into overdrive, writing and recording an anthem song for 2020 called "The World's Gone Nutz" and creating an epic music video to go with it. Setting up green screens all around his house, building human-sized squirrel hands, and stretching the bounds of digital compositing software, Cohn created an entire world of squirrels that uncannily reflects just about every aspect of our current times... and most importantly, gives us all a much needed laugh.

For more information about Daniel Robert Cohn visit Namaste Pictures 

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Meet the Cast

Always the first squirrel to arrive on set, Mama is a cuddly, gentle fox squirrel, slightly larger than the rest. Like most of the cast, she plays both male and female roles. Mama was the squirrel who inspired it all.

• Hobbies:

   Climbing the garden hose

   Jumping on the windowsill

• Favorite Nut:

   Peanut in the shell

• Celebrity Crush:

   Alvin (from the Chipmunks)


Definitely the diva of the group.  She won the leading role by showing off her incredible poses and her ability to hold a single pose for up to 3 minutes. She also always hits her mark perfectly.

• Hobbies:  



   Staring while modeling

• Favorite Nut:


• Celebrity Crush:

   Remy from Ratatouille (she loves a man who cooks)


As the newest member of the cast, Tiger can be a bit feisty amongst his colleagues, but incredibly sweet with the camera crew. He gets his name from his tiger-like walk. 


• Hobbies:  

  Laying on the ground like a pancake.

  Leaping from the BBQ to the patio furniture.

  Climbing screen doors

• Favorite Nut:

   De-shelled peanuts and sunflower seeds

• Celebrity Crush:

   YouTube Sensation, Thumbelina

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