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Squirrel Me Bad is not just a band, but an entertainment oasis during these extremely strange times. From politics to pop culture, from pandemic life to dating life, this adorable ensemble cast of squirrels will help to keep you smiling and dancing through whatever insanity comes next. Their debut single, "The World’s Gone Nutz”, now available on all major platforms, captures the surreal nature of 2020 in a "nut shell"...  and it's just  the beginning.

More fun squirrel parodies, more adorable squirrel photos, and tons of great Squirrel Swag will be coming out each week. A portion of the profits from all Squirrel Me Bad merchandise will be donated to the important non-profit organization, Empowered By Light, empowering communities on the front lines of climate change, loss of wildlife, and environmental devastation. 

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